Persian Language Course


Persian Language Course


Would you like to learn a new language with 2500 years of culture and history? Then Persian is for you! You will be able to communicate with over 110 million Persian native speakers all around the world.
From an intensive one-to-one Farsi language course at Dilman that is able to provide you with a Farsi language course that meets your needs.
Our Farsi training courses are highly personalized and designed to improve your Farsi language and communication skills, whatever your focus is: social, business, financial, diplomatic or legal. Upon completion of a Farsi course with Dilman, you will have the confidence to communicate in Farsi with colleagues, clients, and suppliers.
Take a Farsi course with Dilman, one of the leading providers of Farsi training courses.
key areas covered in all our Farsi courses include:

  • Speaking fluency
  • Listening skills
  • Pronunciation and accent
  • Reading skills
  • Telephone skills in Farsi
  • Email skills in Farsi
  • Sector-specific terminology
  • Presentation & negotiation skill

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