When we work with your documents you can count on receiving an accurate, high quality translation. Whether you are looking for strictly a translation or desktop publishing DILI translators are prepared to deliver excellence and attention to detail with each project. DILI provides professional translation services in over 8 languages and dialects. DILI uses top certified human translators that are assigned per your industry specific terminology.
DILI provides oral interpreting services for a variety of situations including, but not limited to appointments, meetings, consultations, conferences, and events. DILI committed offering high-quality interpreting taking in consideration both competitive rates and full-time staff, in addition, to provide a sound systems to support your needs.
DILI has adapted a system that meets the needs of your business or organization, no matter what you specialize in.
We provide ongoing training opportunities through general and industry-specific seminars. These training sessions equip interpreters with the skills needed to better serve clients in every type of setting.

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